empowering and supporting People of Color on our path of finding inner peace through our meditation iPhone app

We believe in a society where People of Color are liberated from suffering caused by deeply rooted systemic racism. We are a community of spiritual seekers of the dharma and sangha learning to work with daily micro-aggressions to bring peace into our lives.

Join us on the path of liberation.

We’re working on a mobile app specifically geared towards supporting People of Color in their meditation practice by providing teachings from People who are meditation teachers as well as hosting virtual sister circles. We can keep you in the loop when the iPhone app comes out by subscribing to our mailing list

Our Team

Julio Rivera

Founder, Head of product

Meditation transformed my life and there are two critical reasons why I sit everyday: teachings and a sense of community. With a background in technology and building community, I wanted to assist meditation teachers make their teachings more accessible.

Majella Mark

Community Manager

With years of experience in PR, Marketing and Advertising Analytics, tapping into a sociological atmosphere has become second nature. To truly be whole you must find the necessary tools that works in your favor. Meditation has become a significant component of my journey towards balance. 

About us

We are a group of young ambitious folks that have been deeply impacted on by the benefits of meditation. We believe in the possibility of happiness for all. 

Our mission

We help people live happier and healthier lives by providing the tools and technology for meditation teachers to make their teachings accessible.


  • julio@zencompass.co
  • (203)-554-2335
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