The imbalance of masculine and feminine can be seen played out in our society.  Racism, discrimination, oppression, and microaggressions are all fear-based actions from an environment suffocated by a destructive abundance of masculine energy. All of these projections of dismay have created our current dark period in humanity’s history.

In particular People of Color have experienced and continue to experience the direct impact of this dark period in their day-to-day lives. The constant fear-based actions in the workplace, social settings, and in their homes have resulted in a feeling of unworthiness and invisibility, which no human should feel.

There is a new wave in our midst and the pendulum is beginning to swing toward end of the feminine. To survive as a species, we are seeing nature autocorrect itself by bringing back qualities that result in healing, holding space, and nurturing.

We can see this in the uprising of PoC who are committing to their spiritual path of liberation. We are seeing a collective of PoC come together to heal themselves, thus healing those around them.

This brings hope to our survival as a species because there is a group of PoC who are actively bringing balance back to the feminine. as PoC heal themselves and those around them, humanity is even closer to the end of oppression, racism, and overall suffering.

At Liberate, we’re a community that wholeheartedly believes in this possibility:  we can accelerate the end of suffering by providing PoC with innovative tools to support their path to liberation.

We believe in the transformational power of meditation. We believe in the importance of having guidance by a teacher. We believe in the necessity for safe spaces to connect with community. We believe in your own ability to free yourself.

We hope you’ll join our community on this journey towards liberating each other.


Julio Rivera, Founder

Meditation transformed my life and there are two critical reasons why I sit everyday: teachings and a sense of community. With a background in technology and building community, I wanted to assist meditation teachers make their teachings more accessible.

I identify as Afro-Latino with the pronouns he/him.

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